So cal. High desert

Massive grow fire sale …lets just say I’m about to hook you up like you never seen before!! .. I got 12 or  more  20×20 grow trailers /mini house 16 to 20 lights each one full as can be with CUSTOM dwc 13 gallon buckets with 3 inch piping (not your grandpa’s systems was professionally constructed for only industrial use massive bulk crazy fire !!  )  15 or more – 3 ton mini split a/c units with heat pump all equipment in near perfect condition it’s over 900k in just grow equipment 45k in extraction equipment you name it I got it probably 20 or more I’m do starter kits 2grand each you get 8 buckets 1 control bucket commercial grade water and air pump 9 air stones with blue lab guardian ppm and ph meter each kit  system of 8 approximately needs a space of 4×8 foot (flat & even floor)  I can give instructions how to hit weight and fire for additional fee this is not a hobby kit or play toy it will take your game to the next level !!  Will sell trailer as is you arrange for pickup 20k each (wired by professional electrical engineers I got 12 or more to many to list just hit me up will talk about it trailers on skids so they will move   I have few pics of equipment  these kits are worth over 5grand each we did not cut corners even trailers custom rubber floors etc everything is top of the line and I had three 18 wheelers from sunlight supply pull up and unload yea u heard me right so u looking I got it and it’s the real deal professional equipment not cheap junk    Tons of ballast and raptor 2 hoods tons $40 a ballast there hundred or more $100 a new hood and $80 lesser new everything pretty much straight out the box or still in it any damage or slightly screwed up stuff will get lower pricing  like fans  carbon filters water pumps and air . reservoir . Water filtration system Hit me up will talk prices 

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