1150w DIGILUME DE ballasts NIB $90

– All brand new still in the box
– Digilume 1150W DE Ballast
– 240V, power cord included. 
– High Frequency 100+kHz
– Adjustable from 600, 660, 750, 825, 1000, and 1150 watts
– Microprocessor Precision Controlled Electronics
– Smart Lamp Ignition for HPS and MH DE Lamps
– Designed to drive Horticultural DE Lamps 
– Over Temperature, Over/Under Voltage, Open/Short Circuit Protection
– cost over $400 brand new from distributors http://urbanhortsupply.com/lighting/digilume-de-1000w-240v-high-frequency-ballast.html

Are you still running outdated lighting technology in your grow room, and not maximizing your yield? Now is your chance to upgrade to DE technology in the cheapest possible way!

My associate is a lighting contractor and grow room design consultant. We are selling these below cost to get rid of them.

Free delivery is available for all of CA and quantity discount are available for orders 100+.

These ballasts would work great for growers using old school single ended HPS and MH fixtures… Just replace the ballast, and use the MaxPar SE/DE lamp in your existing reflector, and get all the benefits of DE technology for $200 or less per fixture (compared to 350+ for all new stuff).

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