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I produce the best quality cannabis oil THC 70% and send it by express post discretely or registered post to your address , the oil works for both MS and TN .
I have not seen any illness that this oil has not cured .

Please read this email with attention! because almost all information i will give you in this email.

I  make the Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil for you for medicinal purposes. And  I have fought so hard to make sure i am able to send to any one who is sick and really needs help , i have had 100%  success so far in sending this year .
The amount of oil a person need for treating their illnesses is for every person different , but experiences with other patience who have fought the Cancer using the Oil  shows 60g . Some prefer the whole treatment that  is advised which is good, for people with cancer is about 60 g. So I advise most people to start with a small amount,  30 g . After taking the oil, and it goes well, you can always order more of the medicine from me .  If you prefer you can give the address where i can send you the oil, and how many oil you wish. Remember sending the oil discretely is safe !  It is common that the package will arrive safely in most of the countries in Europe , Middle East And Australia . Sending the oil with the express post is also very save to do as a discrete package Shipment can also within 24 hours to your country! I advise to do this with a larger amount of oil you need .

From an amount of 1g . you can take about 50 to 60 drops the size of a half dry grain rice out of this tube, and about 30 to 35 drops from a bigger dose.

Also included is a dose information and extra information on how to use the oil the best way. To place an order . Let us know the quantity of grams you will love to start with or if you will buy your full dose of 60g at once

Oil Prices

10g = 330$
30g = 900$
60g = 1500$
The payments can be done by Western Union. Also all the information will be send with the tubes of your oil  .To confirm your order revert back to me with your full names homes address and telephone numbers , so that i can send you my western union details for you to make payments .


Text / call…(817) 592-0390

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