High Times Shop. Legal weed
Indoor/out door medical marijuana weed strains, cannabis oil and products at moderate prices. 
Lost of Appetite,Migraine Headaches,Insomnia, Chronic Pains,Digestive Disorders,Anxiety Disorders,Stress hook up.
You can call or text :(415) 662-3116
Check-out our special strains:
Green Crack ,Sour Diesel,Girl Scout Cookies,Blueberry Yum Yum ,Mango Kush ,Grand Daddy Purple,Sour OG Kush ,
Kandy Kush ,White Widow X Northern Lights,White Rhino,Northern Lights #5,Lemon drop ,Purple Kush ,OG Kush ,
Pineapple kush ,Purple haze ,Super Lemon Haze ,Sour Diesel,Super Silver Haze ,THC bomb 

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