Englewood, CO

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Don’t be tied down with a daily routine! Plant in Super Soil and just water when needed. All nutrients are already in the soil mix. Recipe and complete instructions included. All soil mixes and fertilizers unopened. $650 OBO

(6) bales Pro Mix BX Mycorrhizae, 3.8 CF each
Spartan’s Speedi-Grow Agricultural Limestone, Pulverized Extra Fine, 50 lbs
Down to Earth Soybean Meal, 20 lbs
Down to Earth Alfalfa Meal, 25 lbs
Down to Earth Kelp Meal, 5 lbs
Down to Earth Granular Humic Acids, 5 lbs
Down to Earth Greensand, 6 lbs
Down to Earth Azomite, 6lbs
Down to Earth Bone Meal, 6 lbs
Espoma Rock Phosphate, 7.25 lbs
Montere Epsom Salts, 4 lbs
Hendrikus Organics HuMagic, 4 lbs
Espoma Plant-tone, 8 lbs
(4) Food grade 55 gal plastic drums with lids

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