Anywhere in Denver

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My name is J-E-N-N and I would like a J-O-B.  I have an Associate’s Degree in Science and almost ten years in the customer service industry. I currently hold a valid MMED Support Badge and a MM Red Card. I have 3 years of MMJ experience. I am a trustworthy, insured courier with reliable transportation and a backup vehicle. I have trimmed at least 35 harvests with plenty of hand trimming experience, as well as knowledge with stand up and vacuum chamber trimming machines. I also have about 2 years experience as a Bud Bucker including knowledge of watering schedules and nutrient management. I am familiar with the process of checking a patient into a dispensary and have the ability to learn quickly and retain tons of information if I am able to write it down. Basically, whatever you need, I can do it with a smile on my face with a passion for something I love. I recently quit a supervisory position with the promise of another promotion in the near future in the pursuit of happiness. I am hardworking, enthusiastic, and I want to work with you!

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